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Kukena candles: Eco-friendly and handmade in Cornwall


Kukena candles: Eco-friendly and handmade in Cornwall

Handmade on the Cornish coast, Kukena candles are eco-friendly, made with soy wax and pure essential oils. Designed and produced by surf and swim coach Kate Sparks, these candles encapsulate the fragrances of the coast, setting the scene to unwind in your sanctuary. We spoke to the founder to find out more about the brand.

Why Candles?

Candles set the scene to unwind like nothing else, I feel like once a candle is lit, its tools down and the moment to dedicate some serious time to looking after yourself. I’ve been making them for six years now and love how they give off a gentle, flickering and most of all, natural light.

What are the ingredients?kukena candles 2

I make all the candles using soy wax, which is good because as well as being natural it burns slowly. I don’t use any artificial fragrances – just pure essential oils, which are the oils directly from plants. The bonus is that these oils have many therapeutic properties such as the uplifting effects of rose geranium.

Why did you set up the business?

I wanted to bring together my passions for surfing, the sea and natural living through an outlet which I could channel my creativity and entrepreneurial spirit in a way that truly represents what lights the fire in me.

What does ‘Kukena’ mean?

Kukena is Hawaiian for the continual movement of water. The essence of Kukena is the freedom of enjoying things we love, from surfing with its Hawaiian origins, swimming to simply living naturally.

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‘The Coconut Bee’: A natural beauty and skincare alternative


‘The Coconut Bee’: A natural beauty and skincare alternative

The Coconut Bee – Our Home Grown Natural Revolution…

Hand crafted on the north coast of Cornwall in the UK. The Coconut Bee offers a unique organic range of 100% natural skin & hair care alternatives tailored for coastal living.

Sick of reading the back of plastic cosmetic skincare products to find a long list of chemical preservatives, additives and perfumes. I started creating homemade alternatives when I was a teenager. Coming from a family with an aromatherapy and holistic background I have always turned to the remarkable ability of natural remedies. It was only in 2017 that myself and partner Anthony decided to take the big step and share these with the world. After 2 years of hard work and development we finally launched ‘The Coconut Bee’ in December 2018.

A company dedicated to producing all natural, chemical & cruelty free products from sustainable and fairtrade sources. 

It’s not only the chemicals we wanted to remove for our customers, living so close to the sea here in Cornwall it is impossible to not be overwhelmed with the amount of plastic pollution we see wash up on our beaches. The environmental impact of the beauty industry is staggering so being able to offer consumers a plastic free alternative is so important to us, especially now people are becoming more aware they can make more Eco-friendly choices.

I’m sure I can speak for a lot of people when I say starting a business is one of the hardest things to take on, especially when you want to stick to your guns and not let any of your core values or standards slip along the way. Myself and Anthony founded The Coconut Bee from humble beginnings with nothing but an ideal and not a lot in our pockets. We are so grateful to have made it this far only with the help of people who share our beliefs, friends and other absolutely legendary Cornish businesses by our side.

Passionate about the sea, our products have been developed to repair and nourish skin and hair exposed to the elements. Not only that our blends have been created to uplift the spirit offering a fresh & individual take on natural beauty. Whatever your vice in life we have your covered!

At The Coconut Bee we believe life is full of choices. We choose to create products with zero chemicals. A range not tested on animals, containing only ingredients from sustainable and fairtrade sources. One with no palm oil or microbeads that are harmful to our planet. We choose a clear conscience. Not only that, we choose a product that really works to our lifestyle, Naturally.

Empowering Women through Surfing

We think women rock! Obviously guys you rock too but this ones for the chicks! One of our core initiatives is to support women on waves of all abilities, shapes and sizes. We have a key goal at The Coconut Bee to use our platform and social media to highlight the many benefits of surfing to women all over, focusing on body & image positivity. Keep your eyes pealed for future Coconut Bee events bringing women together through surfing, because we all need our own tribe.

Thank you..

It has always been my mission to create something pure without feeling pressure to adhere to convenience and the market ‘norm’. Since we launched I have been overwhelmed at the support and kindness we have received for our range. It’s freaking awesome to see so many people ditching the chemicals and reaching for something better. So much love & thanks to all of those who choose organic, local and eco friendly brands.

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