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XCEL wetsuit

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New Xcel Wetsuits

Xcel’s reputation for exceptional product quality is
a clear result of an unwavering dedication to
research, development, and design innovation. With
tropical to cold-water products for men, women, and
youth, the brand stresses performance: maximum
stretch and durability, sealed-seam construction, and
a fit that feels custom-made every time.

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Surf Hire

We have a great selection of equipment at TJ’s to hire so you can get in the water when you’re down on the beach!

£5.00 HR
£15.00 DAY
£60.00 WEEK
£8.00 HR
£20.00 DAY
£100.00 WEEK
£10.00 HR
£40.00 DAY
£5.00 HR
£12.00 DAY
£35.00 WEEK
£2.00 HR
£5.00 DAY
£12.00 WEEK
£2.00 HR
£5.00 DAY
£12.00 WEEK
£2.00 HR
£5.00 DAY
£12.00 WEEK
£2.00 HR
£5.00 DAY
£12.00 WEEK


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Surf hire
Abby Stewart

Team rider

Abby Stewart – Q&A

Favourite wave… Honestly, my favourite waves is either where my friends are or where there are as few people as possible, depending on my mood!! For the pure quality of the wave itself … my favourite wave is top secret..

Favourite meal after a surf is fruit. Or if it’s super cold a warm soup from the Tubestation.

Longest I surfed in one session was 6 hours. I was at Widemouth and it was 3 ft and clean, peeling so nicely, my favourite and I kept thinking I would get out after “one more wave” and actually ended up in there for hours!