Women on Board

On the 10th of May alongside Tilia Rose Swim,  we had the pleasure of hosting our first ever Women on Board event. Our goal was to bring women together by supporting one another. We shared many laughs, ideas and many of us gained new friendships.

Tilia gave us some amazing pointers on how to become more eco-friendly and sustainable and how to overcome any barriers we may pass when nursing a new business or even in our day to day lives. For those who don’t know, we are lucky enough to have her beautiful swimwear range in store.

Women on Board

We also had the pleasure of hearing from the amazing Abby Stewart. As we all listened attentively to her talk about her personal experience on body image and the impact of social media, we realised how most of us ladies had experienced something similar but not done anything about it. Something Abby said did engrave in our minds which was a verse from Ani DiFranco;

Squint your eyes and look closer,

Im not between your and your ambition

I am a poster girl with no poster

I am thirty-two flavours and then some

And Im beyond your peripheral vision

So you might want to turn your head

Cause someday your are going to get hungry

And eat most of the words you just said.

(32 Flavors – Ani DiFranco)

Lets hope we all remember this and remember our worth as females.

Thanks to all the women who came and supported us and we can’t leave out the wonderful men that joined in to listen. Together we will can make our future brighter.

Now, lets let pictures do the talking…

Images taken by @maddiemeddings