TJ's Surf Shop - Staff Profiles

Our staff are some of the best in the business, not only helping to run our shop and online store but offering their expertise and knowledge to customers who need it. Here we'll introduce you to our staff and give you an insight into why they love working for TJ's Surf Shop.

Name: Megan Name: Sarah
Position: Manager Position: Shop Manager
A bit about yourself: I started surfing on Polzeath beach at the age of 11 by joining an after school club. After that I competed in the UK junior surfing competition scene for four years and made it onto the GB team. I've worked at TJ's for four and a half years, and am now the manager here. A bit about yourself: I started working at TJ’s 4 years ago and am currently managing the shop on the beach. I have always enjoyed the surfing lifestyle no matter what country I am in. I have travelled all around the world to find good weather and waves but always end up back at my home in Cornwall where I have lived all my life. Working within the surf fashion retail industry has given me great grounding for achieving my goal of creating and launching my own swimwear label which we are currently stocking in the shop. 
Why I think TJ's is the best surf shop in the UK: For any customer that comes into the shop, our staff will go the extra mile. We wear the wetsuits we sell, we can repair boards with the kits we sell, we can set up boards/fins/leashes/wax, and we wear the clothing we sell.

We go surfing before, during and after work, we know the current and forecasted surf conditions and what that means for surfing conditions for the week ahead. We know what works on what tide/wind direction/swell direction and we have local knowledge of the area as we all grew up in Polzeath.

In short, we can offer customers not just the usual in-store service, we can help make their experience the best it can be.

Why I think TJ's is the best surf shop in the UK: Its beach front location, right on the sand, makes TJ’s a unique genuine surf shop, with genuine staff who surf and have lived in the area all their lives. Customers shop with us year after year as we are a friendly team and give each customer a personal experience. 
Name: Jake Name: Harvey
Position: Assistant Manager Position: Assistant Manager
A bit about yourself: I started working at TJs as a simple hire boy. I rose through the ranks to assistant manager. I grew up in Port Isaac and have been surfing Polzeath for as long as I can remember. Being able to work at TJs in between studying and traveling has been great fun and allowed me to meet some great people. A bit about yourself: I've been working for TJs on and off for about 8 years now. I started as a little grom outside selling flip flops to now being the assistant to the manager. I’ve lived around and surfed Polzeath my whole life. Polzeath is probably the best wave on the planet, but I've also travelled and surfed around the world. When I'm not in the shop you'll see me in my bright blue Xcel wetsuit on a Bunty surfboard surfing till dark.
Why I think TJ's is the best surf shop in the UK: TJs has the best location in Polzeath. Being based right on the beach means people can come in to assess the conditions and hire or purchase whatever they need for a good day in the sea or on the beach. All the staff surf and live in or around Polzeath. We are all able to give great advice that is relevant to the equipment we offer in the shop. Why I think TJ's is the best surf shop in the UK: The close proximity to the beach and the very user friendly waves Polzeath has to offer makes TJs one of the best surf shops. Also all staff members are locals who know the products and the area inside out. If anyone knows what you need it’ll be one of them.